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About Us

Our team is composed of senior engineers with skills in diverse areas such as software development, UI design, scalable infrastructures, and database administration.

Our mobile developers have designed state of the art user interfaces, and programmed complex functionalities including heavy client/server interaction.

Our experienced systems architects focus on scalability and performance. They have designed, implemented and maintained high-volume sites on cloud environments.

Our Services

Minimalistech will provide you with a dedicated, full-time technical staff on a project or long-term basis. Leveraging your dedicated outsource team means you can handle all your development projects quickly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of utilizing equivalent in-house resources. At the same time, our management team is always at your service to provide a level of convenience and security that you would never get by working with most offshore development companies.

Mobile Development

We help our clients from the projects' conception right through to its launch and beyond. Through our experience creating ground breaking mobile applications, we have developed the skills and knowledge necessary to guide your company through the process of launching a successful mobile platform.

Web Development

Vast experience working on web-based client-server architecture involving extensive client-side/server-side coding and comprehensive web-server configuration. Our web experts are also proficient in advanced web technologies.

Cloud IT Management

Our team of professionals each has a minimum of four years of experience designing scalable cloud environments for all different kinds of applications. We are dedicated to keeping your system running at peak performance and will scale your infrastructure according to your needs.

24/7 Support

With the ever increasing demands of Globalization, running a business in a 24/7/365 environment is a major challenge for all organizations. Our monitoring system alerts us when your service is down and we are there to provide support even on nights or weekends.

Our work


Fitnity is a personal and flexible weight loss program that allows users to work with remote trainers and nutritionists. Minimalistech has designed, developed, and implemented their client/server system as well as the iPhone app that goes along with the program.


Devicescape is a leading provider of WiFi solutions. Minimalistech maintains the company's cloud environment at peak performance. By understanding their business logic we are able to assist with demands specific to their customer environment.


Consorcio is the top funds management firm in Chile. Minimalisttech worked closely with the company to develop their first mobile client providing full account management including instant investments management.


Newsful for iPad is a news reader, drawing upon the best sources of socially curated content from around the world, daily. Our global reach is powered by Newsful's social curation algorithm for twitter, giving you a daily source of free, high-quality articles and in-depth information by providing contextual facts. Newsful for iPad automatically selects the topics you like. You can share articles on Facebook and Twitter, vote on articles that matter to you, and give us feedback to improve your news. Newsful for iPad is 100% free and free of ads.


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